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Special Offers


At Cityside Dance Studio we are always looking at ways where we can provide bargains for our dancers so it pays to check out this page to see what's on offer at present


Price list


Casual Walk in  per night                 $15

Student                                           $12

Seniors                                            $12


6 for $50


For all new dancers that walk through our doors we offer 6 classes for the price of 3 $50 to be purchased on their first night with us.


Concession Cards


Beginner 5 card                                    $50

Beginner 10 card                                 $90


Intermediate 5 Card                             $70

Intermediate 10 card                           $130


Intermediate Seniors 10 card             $100

Intermediate Students  10 Card        $100





At Cityside Dance Studio we offer a 3 month membership for $275 with this membership. All regular classes are in included in the price of the membership.


Free Classes


If you are a regular dancer at Cityside you will receive a free class for every new dancer you bring to class.  It’s our way of recognizing you for helping build Cityside’s dancing community.