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Welcome to the Cityside Dance Studio


Cityside Dance Studio keenly supports all forms of dance with a particular interest in dance genres that can be danced in a social setting.  Cityside is proud to be the home of CEROC Cityside South and has been successfully teaching CEROC “Modern Jive” Classes for a number of years now.


Cityside has a dedicated crew of teachers and helpers who enjoy creating a fun place to dance where you can choose to relax and enjoy the social side of dance, or take the opportunity to accelerate your dancing to new heights.


                                     Any form of dancing is a great way to exercise and meet new people.



CEROC “Modern Jive”  is a modern partner dance that generally allows you to dance to any music including the current music of the day. The music could be from the latest top 40 or an old favourite from the 70’s  and can be danced just about anywhere.


 This makes CEROC a great dance for people of all ages.


CEROC has made “Modern Jive” one  of the easiest dances to learn and you can quickly reach a level where you can go out and dance the night away.  Whether you’re brand new, keen to learn how to dance, looking for a new way to stay fit or just wanting to meet new people that want to have fun, then we have just what you need.


We conduct classes from Beginner to Intermediate plus level, so what are you waiting for?


What does CEROC “Modern Jive” look like?

Check this out.

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Cityside presently only teach CEROC “Modern Jive”. However we can connect you to other dance companies that specialise in other forms of social dancing. Cityside has formed excellent networks locally, nationally and internationally. 

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